Health Insurance in Pakistan

Welcome to Pakistan plans. We are a leading health insurance agency in South East Asia and Middle East, supplying international and comprehensive health insurance covers that caters well for locals and expatriates in Pakistan. We work with the best principal health principal companies worldwide and we have offices situated in almost 10 countries worldwide, with over 50 dedicated staff in our pro-active work force. From the time you submit an enquiry for a health insurance policy, to the time you request for a claim, we will be standing by you at all times.

With Pakistan Plan, customer satisfaction is hugely important to us as we aim to simplify the insurance process and work as closely with you as possible during your health insurance journey. One example is the simple claim process where you can submit your claims with ease and have it processed in a matter of days. Behind the outstanding support we offer is our staff, equipped with professionalism and the sense of service that only Pakistan Plans could provide.

Health Insurance App – New!

We proudly announce that we are one of the first few insurance agencies in the world to implement an app. This App could facilitate your claiming process. We hope to see you soon! Request a quote now.

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Some of the gracious benefits we offer through our principal insurer, Allianz:

Hospitalization & Cancer treatment

Medications, Pregnancy, Optical

Chronic Illnesses

Health Checks

We offer Health Insurance schemes for the following:

Corporate Groups

Local Individuals and Expatriates