Health Insurance in Pakistan

We warmly welcome you to Pakistan plans. We are a prominent health insurance company based in the South East Asian and Middle Eastern region. We provide medical insurance solution on an international scale to Pakistani nationals as well as expatriates living in Pakistan. We partner with stalwarts companies of the field of insurance from countries across the world and have a network of offices set up over ten different countries across the globe. Our team comprises of a group of over 50 team members working around the clock. From the moment the submission is made regarding a health insurance policy till the time you make a claim request, we would be standing beside you at all times.

We at Pakistan Plan, value customer satisfaction very highly as we wish to simplify the whole process of insurance and work hand in hand with you at every step of the process. An example of such is the simplified claim process that we possess where you have the opportunity to submit your claim requests and have it completely processed within a matter of several days. We are a team composed of professional individuals who are well-equipped to offer the best service possible.

Medical Benefits

The health insurance offered by us is inclusive of numerous benefits and would provide you with comprehensive care following injury, sickness or in cases of emergencies. This is inclusive of hospitalization facilities, OPD treatments, maternity care, ophthalmological, dental and regular medical checkups while simultaneously offering coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.
Irrespective of where you are in the world, you would receive the highest level of care possible. We offer health insurance packages from world renown health insurance providers. This will ensure that you are protected at all times and would grant you care from any health institution worldwide.

Get to learn more today about us. Obtain a quote to have a in-depth idea on the various advantages we offer along with the prices for each plan. Packages are offered to individuals, organizations and families. When it comes to processing a quote, we take into account numerous factors, such as your personal requirements and the premium which you can afford. We are constantly motivating ourselves to provide you with the most cost effective solution which would be in line with your requirements.

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Some of the gracious benefits we offer through our principal insurer, Allianz:

-Hospital admission with cancer care
-Medicines, maternity care and ophthalmological care
-Care for chronic illnesses
-Frequent medical checkups

We offer Health Insurance schemes for the following:

-Corporate organizations
-Locals and expatriates living in Pakistan

Health Insurance Plans

When you obtain a health insurance quotation from us you would not have any difficulty in comparing them with one another to choose the one which matches your requirements. The quotes would assist you to have a better understanding of the policy.
There are numerous benefits, such as:

-You would be offered six offers from prominent world renown companies from cross the globe. The would ensure that you are receiving the best care possible.
-Provide you with an opportunity to compare the policies and select the one which is best suited to your needs..
-Assist you to have an understanding of the advantages and privileges associated with it.

Our customized solutions would assist you to obtain the necessary cover required for you and your loved ones at an affordable price while simultaneously providing you with fundamental services such as hospitalization, day care treatments, maternity care and evacuation in emergency situations.

The packages offered by us are applicable not just for families but also as groups for organizations as well.

We would assist you to obtain the most comprehensive coverage possible at an affordable price.
The packages offered by us are applicable not just for families but also as groups for organizations as well. You can obtain 70% discount for the health insurance package. Via our partner insurers, we can ensure that you would receiving the best possible care possible.