Health Insurance in Pakistan

We heartily welcome you to our Pakistan plans. We are an eminent health insurance enterprise based in Middle Eastern and South East Asian regions. We provide medical insurance solutions all around the world including Pakistan and the expatriates living over there. We make alliances worldwide with companies that are among the best in insurance industry. Our strong company network is spread through offices in 10 different countries worldwide. Our team is based on 50 highly professional personnel, who work round the clock. Get a premium health policy today!

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From the moment of form fulfilment for a health insurance policy till the claim is requested, we are always ready to assist you at every stage.

At Pakistan plan, we greatly value customer satisfaction, as we desire and ensure to make the insurance process easier and simpler. We, at every stage, are ready to assist you during the whole process. Our exemplary simple claim process is prominent in insurance industry. It is now a lot easier for our clients to submit their claim requests and get it processed within just a few days. We are professionals, and are fully equipped to offer our best possible services.

Medical Benefits

Our health insurance incorporates numerous benefits that offer comprehensive care for sickness, injury, or emergency cases. The plan consists of hospitalization, OPD treatments, ophthalmological, maternity care, regular medical checkups and dental facilities along with coverage for early medical conditions.

Get the premium level of possible health care no matter wherever you are in the world. We are offering the world’s best health insurance plans by prominent insurance providers. Ensure your health protection with us at all times by obtaining best medical care at world’s top health institutions.

Obtain a quote today and learn about service, quality, and prices in-depth and get a clearer idea on various advantages that we offer. Our packages are offered to organizations, families and individuals as well. We process a quote after carefully taking into consideration many factors i.e. financial position and personal requirements etc. We are enthusiastic to provide the best, cost-effective services that can also fulfil your requirements.

Allianz; our principle insurer, offer generous benefits: i.e.

  • Maternity care, ophthalmological care and Medicines
  • Hospitalization with cancer care
    Routine health checkups
  • Coverage for chronic illnesses

We offer Health Insurance schemes for the following:

  • Locals and expatriates living in Pakistan
  • Corporate organizations

Health Insurance Plans

Since we understand your requirements and financial position and when you get a quote from us and would like to compare it with others, the only option that will be felt reasonable and high-quality is ours. The comparison with our given quote will give you quite an understanding of the policy.

There are many advantages as well, i.e.

  • An opportunity to evaluate the policy and choose the one which suits your needs.
  • Complete assistance is provided to comprehend the associated privileges and benefits with and in it.
  • 6 offers will be provided from the best insurers of the world, in order to ensure that you get nothing less than the best.

You necessity is well understood and we have a great solution for it, which is “Customized solutions”, for you and your loved ones at completely affordable rates along with the basic service i.e. day care treatments, hospitalization, evacuation in emergencies and maternity care.

Our packages are not just limited to the individuals and families, but we have plans for organizations as well. We are always available to assist you in tailoring your coverage according to your needs at affordable rates.

Today, sky-rocketing costs of medical services are really hard to manage. Therefore, it should be covered by insurance plans. Save your life savings from those huge medical bills and let us help you settle with that. You will feel better when you are covered and consider yourself a sensible person for obtaining a health insurance plan. Maybe, that will be the best decision of your life. Grab the opportunity and have a look at our plans now. Illness is inevitable, you cannot save yourself from that, but you can save yourself a lot of pain by receiving best medical care at top level health facilities in the world without spending your life savings.

Most excellent Medical Insurance Coverage

We offer customized solutions that provide complete coverage for you and your loved ones within your affordability, while realizing your needs at the same time i.e. day-care treatments, hospitalization, pregnancy and evacuation in emergencies.

Our plans are not just for families or individuals, but also for companies as well, whether you live in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world.

Our absolute assistance is always ready for you to get best coverage within an affordable budget. Our reputation and position in global insurance market enables you to obtain various medical benefits.

We have an online user-friendly platform that offers handy features to control your plans according to your preferences. Get a quote from the list of our panel companies and enjoy the contentment by receiving best possible health services.

You can avail 70% off on health coverage provided by our listed internationally reputable insurers. With the reputation comes quality. It is our motivation to sustain our trusted name and provide the services beyond expectations. We are driven towards providing quality services and plans offered by the world’s best insurers. Our team is dedicated towards the cause.

Medical card’s Importance

Regardless of your location and what kind of employment status you have, the usage of medical card is the ultimate health protection that you can have. Despite its significance, the medical card is being ignored by most people – especially youngsters. It is really important to be aware of the medical card’s significance in treatments. It protects your hard-earned money from huge medical bills.

It is utmost necessary to choose an insurance policy that offers attractive benefits that meet your needs. If it is not the case, then what is the reason to obtain an insurance policy? People earn money by working so hard but ignore to back their savings by getting an insurance policy. You and your family’s wealth that is accumulated in a long time might get sunk by huge medical expenses. The world goes in order and countless things are certain to happen at any time, like the end of our life or the purchase of mandatory things that require taxes to be paid, are also certain. Most of all, sickness or illness is inevitable and today’s specialized and concentrated treatments are very costly. Nevertheless, as medical science is moving forward with enormous progress, the medical costs are also increasing at the same pace. The only solution to cope those costs is obtaining health insurance coverage; a Plan that should be according to the needs with affordable premium. Hence, it is very important to review the plans with others to have an accurate idea if your plan is optimal or not. It will give you quite an understanding whether you are being given the benefits according to the premium. Save your money and yourself by doing competitive assessment of insurance plans.

Notably, it is imperative for youngster plus the elderly, to realize the importance of medical card. General perception is that; elderly get sick frequently and the occurrence of disease in them may be swift sometimes. People realize the importance of health insurance when they are matured or aged, because in most of the cases, the savings are lost on treatments and they are left with no choice. Despite the wellness of a person, he/she can be affected by major or minor diseases, or they may encounter an accident or so.

No one can deny the viability of a health insurance; hence, it is vital for even a healthy person to get a medical insurance quote.

We are always ready to help you understand the best plan according to your needs and budget. Get in contact with Pakistan Plans!